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How to Prepare, Run and Reap the Benefits

A live, on-line course, where you not only learn how to master this vital process, but develop the templates you need for your business



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Do You Have Employees?

If you have employees, you know you need to be doing regular performance reviews, but so many businesses are either not doing them, or doing them poorly. The irony is, they can be enriching, powerful and motivating for all concerned if done right.

The Wolfpack Performance Review training will empower you with all you need to take this necessary ritual, turn it into an authentic conversation between boss and team member, and make it one of the most powerful things you do in your business.

What You Will Learn

How To Prepare

How to structure and prepare for your meeting

How to set up reviews for assessing employees in an objective way, focusing on the outcomes and behaviours that are important to you and your business

Starting with a provided template, we will work with each attendee to help them design the review template with the items and issues that are important and specific to each business

Who Is It For?

* Business Owners

* General managers

* Team leaders tasked with conducting performance appraisals

How to Run a Review Meeting

Setting the employees expectations upfront to receive the feedback

Giving them authentic feedback in a way that most people will happily accept, and want to act on the improvement areas

Helping employees see themselves and their performance more objectively than they otherwise would

Incentivising employees to continuously self-improve

Work ON Your Business

Starting from the very first session, we will be working ON the attendees' businesses helping you create your own performance review template.

About the convener

Mark Jackson began his career with a degree in computer science, started his own business back in 1989, grew it into a medium size enterprise, and sold it as a going concern.

Along the way Mark recognised that the mistakes he was making were due to not knowing what he didn’t know. After 24 years in business, Mark had his business running smoothly, but it wasn’t without experiencing firsthand the pain of business.

Mark is now on a mission to save business owners everywhere from much of that pain and to get where they are going faster. He has mined the wold’s best proven know-how in both business thinking and helping business owners and engineered it into Wolfpack.



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